Chinese Art Galore at Shangri-la Plaza

By Angelu Rucel F. Cabali

Ateneo de Manila University and Ricardo Leone Center for Chinese Studies tapped on pro artists and artists-at-heart to come celebrate the Year of the Rooster at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

The Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila University itself set the example through the week-long Chinese Painting Exhibit at the Shang’s Grand Atrium from January 25 to 31.

Moreover, larger canvasses were set up at Streetscape on Saturday, January 28, for the invited professional artists to do a Live Mural Painting of their Year of the Rooster interpretations.

Those who have been inspired to channel their inner artists then registered for workshops, the first of which is the Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop by the Saturday Group of Artists, held on January 28 at the East Wing. The participants’ Chinese lanterns were hung on Streetscape.

Capping off the holiday was the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop on January 29 at the East Atrium, under the guidance of Master Fidel Sarmiento, President of Art Association in the Philippines.

Mural Paintings

The Chinese New Year festivities at the Shang also included a Chinese musical concert and a Chinese film festival to exhibit other great works of art in different fields – all for free.

Beautiful artworks, good music, and award-winning movies without a single cent to pay to appreciate them – another Chinese New Year spent at Shangri-la Plaza was time well-spent indeed, for Chinese and Filipino art enthusiasts alike.


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