Understanding Cultures: 11th Spring Film Festival

An article written by Demi Aileen Romero of BABRC 4-2

34Chinese lanterns light up the event, decorating aesthetic location with multiple flowers and different Chinese characters and symbols depicting the year of the rooster.—Photo by Demi Romero

Mandaluyong City—Would the Filipino youth embrace the Chinese culture? The 11th Spring Film Festival held in Edsa Shang ri la this year aims not only to have a successful celebration of the Year of the Rooster’s entry, but also introduce and spread awareness of Chinese culture amongst Filipino Youth.

“Our main goal is to showcase the Chinese culture and also the Chinese-Filipino talents, ‘cause if we don’t bring them to mainstream places like Shang ri la or malls people would hardly see them,” stated Mr. Sidney Christopher Bata, director of the Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, on my interview with him.

They had welcome the month by holding the Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance at the grand atrium on February 5, but the main event didn’t come until near the end of the month.

“…as we begin to understand other culture, we begin to understand ourselves,” said Ateneo de Manila University President Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin on an interview for Chinatown TV.

The Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, together with Film Development Council of the Philippines and Credit Suisse, and with the Cooperation of Ateneo Celadon and Shangri-La Plaza hope to achieve their goal by presenting motion pictures straight from Hong Kong for the whole week of January 25 to 29.

Six films were presented, namely: A Complicated Story, Book of Love, Everybody’s Fine, Horseplay, Red Ameesia, and Wolf Totem.

Synopsis of the films for viewing
—Photo from the 11th Spring Film Festival Facebook event’s page.

Other events were held asynchronously, including: the Pastel Painting Workshop with the President of Art Association of the Philippines, Master Fidel Sarmiento; Lantern Painting Workshop with the guidance of the Saturday Group of Artists; Live Mural Painting by top visual artists; the Chinese Musical Concert by the students of Hope Christian High School, and; the Chinese Painting Exhibit by the students from the Confucius Institute of Ateneo de Manila

“We are doing here is really planting a very subtle seed, but it is a strong seed of mutual understanding,” said also, Fr. Villarin.

Watch the highlights of the Musical concert through Shang ri la’s official video linked below:




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