Filipinos to Chinese Music Concert: We don’t know the lyrics but we enjoy it!

P O S T E D   O N   F E B R U A R Y   7,  2 0 1 7

B y:  M a j e l   B.  N o c o s

The first day of Lunars New Year celebration comes with an event in Shangri-la Plaza, which features different Chinese music in the eleventh year of Spring Film Festival.

Chinese Music Concert starts on bringing gaiety and warmth to the people present in the event. From the performers, various music, and even up to their eye-catching getup, they have enthralled every audience watching. It is also one of the most attended events for this year since it was held on the same day of the Chinese’s first day of New Year. Since, it was also declared as an official holiday in the Philippine Calendar, many people grabbed the chance to witness the event. There are performances  from the students of different Chines schools in the Philippines.

(Hope Christian School Performance during Chinese Music concert at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza)

 Photo Credit: Ariene Kayette Malanog

One of these schools, is the Hope Christian School which composed of Children Chorale, led by Mrs. Lety Sarte, a Chinese woman who has a Filipino husband. She is a long-time pianist/musical director in Hope Christian School. In an interview with Mrs Sarte, she said that this is the first time that Spring Film Festival invited a chorale on their set of performers. But, it is not their first time to perform in this kind of event.They also perform in other places like in Binondo, Manila.

She was also asked what kind of songs they commonly choose to perform on stage,

“Ah we perform oldies or old songs here… while other performers sing  Happy songs and New Year songs as well”.

Mrs. Sarte refers to a soloist singer who sang two different songs on stage with Albert Cedric Tan, a young talented blind man who served as the pianist. Albert Tan, also prepared a solo performance during the event, which caught the eyes of many people who showed their amazement through a round of applause, especially when he started to play a 1960’s hit Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t take my eyes of you’.There are also other Chorale group, solo performers and other international singers presented on stage.All of the performances manifested the value of Chinese Music and culture on their own creative ways.

Different audiences were present on the said event. There were, of course, Chinese people, Chinese-Filipino, and Filipinos who witnessed startling and applauded performances. It is noticeable that everyone is enjoying even those who could not really understand Mandarin. Interviewing some of the audiences who just passed by and suddenly stopped on the venue to watch, on what can they say about the show, one answered:

“Oh, yes, we’re really enjoying it, though we don’t understand Mandarin, the melody of the song and the emotions captured us”!

This reaction from a non-Chinese people, only proves how Chinese Music influence feelings and impart great impact even just through its alluring melody that captivates not just the ears but the hearts of the listeners.

As what Ms. Lety Sarte explained about Chinese Music during this New Year season,

“Hmm… this kind of music are for celebration, for festival… and in this New Year, music played refers to prosperity and hope for the Chinese people”

she confirms the idea of the mood it brings to the people. It is all about the happiness and joy, and that what conquers the whole concert.

Here is the  video to see the highlights and some wonderful moments captured during the Chinese Musical Concert last January 28.

Video Credit: Shangri-la Official Facebook Page





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