Book of Love: Dissected

By: Cherisse Venice I. Ruperto


Book of Love is a story of two people, living in different parts of the globe, strangers to one another; seeking for warmth and comfort a family brings. Since both are living on the edge day by day, the found comfort in writing and sending letters to an outlander, confiding what they have in mind, seeking advice.

Although the movie has great cinematography and interesting camera angles, I find that the transition of the scenes too abrupt, making the story quite difficult to keep up with. The scenes are rapidly changing from the female lead character based in Macau to the male lead living in the United States. Everything is happening so fast. There was no indication of date, month , or year the exchange of letters are happening until it was revealed that they have been pen pals foe a year, in the latter part of the movie.

The cameras used are all head-on, class A, as it was all High-Definition and High-Quality, depending on my observation.  Frame by frame, the shots were clear and crisp. And also the camera angles are interesting and believable. I have seen television shows and countless movies, and not all of them produce scenes that touched me, It was not believable or realistic enough.

The actors were all good. My favourites were the old Chinese couple. I had a hard time convincing myself that they are not real-life sweethearts. Their acting skills have touched my heart immensely. They have depicted a youthful and undying love despite their old age. These Chinese actors will make you believe and feel love.

Everything in the movie was interesting as well as entertaining, but I think minor parts, like the sudden change of scenes, was totally distracting. If I were to rate this film, I would give it 3 out of 5.

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